Here you find all the available downloads for the SolarRoboflower 1.1

Corel Draw

This file contains drawings of all the physical parts needed.
Cut this from 3mm extruded acryl.
This is also available from thingiverse

Hardware parts for Design 1.1

Eagle 5.x files

This file contains the eagle .brd and .sch files needed to create the mainboard
This file is released under a Creatice Commons 3.0 SA-BY license
The design of the mainboard is based on Ladyada's famous Boarduino design

Electronic design files for Design 1.1


This file contains the .pde arduino sketch used for version 1.1 of the SolarRoboFlower firmware and a compiled .hex file for instant upload on your solarRoboFlower


All the parts!

This is the partlist that is included with your kit.
Its an overview of all electronic components, screws,nuts, bolts, servos, and so on..

Parts checklist