Here you find all the available downloads for the SolarRoboflower 1.1


The Design is based on Ladyadas Boarduino design and released under the Creative Commons 3.0 AT-BY license
It features:

  • An ATMEGA168PU Microcontroller preprogrammed with an arduino compatible bootloader using the internal clock rate @ 8Mhz
  • Connectors for the servos and the sensorboard
  • It is fully breadboardplugable and all the microcontroller pins are broken out so you can create your own extensions or use the mainboard as a breaboard development system

Check out the Downloads section for all files including the electronic layout files generated with eagle 5.


The Design was crafted especially for this robot and connects the 5 LDR sensors to the mainboard.
There is really not much magic going on there.
One plug, 5 LDR sensors...

In case you wonder whats up with all the circles.. nothing really. They just look nice with our black soldermask :)

All the parts

For an overview of all the parts included in the kit check out this file
This comes handy when you go shopping for the parts at your local radioshack

Electronics Partlist Eagle generated partlist
Parts checklist Physical checklist for the components